The Interesting Side of Morgan Investment Group

The Interesting Side of MIG I am often asked “Why did you decide to work for the Morgan Investment Group? What motivated you and are you happy you made the move?” The easy answer is that a good friend recommended me to Peter Morgan for a position on the Morgan Franklin Fellowship Foundation (“MFF”) Board. […]

A Teacher to All

Welcome to MLP

“A Teacher to All” MFF Founder Peter Morgan   Feb 22, 2021 By: Tori Berube, Director of Marketing & Outreach for Morgan Franklin Fellowship   Morgan Franklin Fellowship Foundation (MFF) founder Peter Morgan has a deep desire to promote civic virtue. Illustrated through his passion to teach people about money and how it works, Peter is […]

Peter Morgan’s End of Season Event – 2020

End of Season Event “When things happen, stay tuned in…”   This year has been a year like no other, with all of us learning to adapt to a different world filled with new protocols, norms, and of course, safety procedures to keep our neighbors, loved ones, and colleagues healthy.  Just like in previous years, […]