“Morgan Sun Bradenton Two LLC” | 4802 W. 20th Street, Bradenton, FL

MIG affiliate, Morgan Sun, LLC, is offering a non-equity investment interest in “Morgan Sun Bradenton Two LLC”.  The investment will be evidenced by a Promissory Note yielding 7% annual interest, paid quarterly, in arrears, and having a maximum term of 3 years.  Membership interests are offered at $10,000 per Interest. The Note will be secured […]

MLP Investment Account

Morgan Legacy Partners, Inc. (“MLP”), a division of the Morgan Investment Group (“MIG”), offers the MLP Investment Account.  This offering requires a minimum investment of $50,000, has a 4-year term and yields annual interest at 4%.  Interest is paid quarterly, in arrears.   Upon investment you will receive a (Convertible) Promissory Note from MLP that is […]