“Morgan Sun Bradenton Two LLC” | 4802 W. 20th Street, Bradenton, FL

MIG affiliate, Morgan Sun, LLC, is offering a non-equity investment interest in “Morgan Sun Bradenton Two LLC”.  The investment will be evidenced by a Promissory Note yielding 7% annual interest, paid quarterly, in arrears, and having a maximum term of 3 years.  Membership interests are offered at $10,000 per Interest. The Note will be secured […]

MLP Investment Account

Morgan Legacy Partners, Inc. (“MLP”), a division of the Morgan Investment Group (“MIG”), offers the MLP Investment Account.  This offering requires a minimum investment of $50,000, has a 4-year term and yields annual interest at 4%.  Interest is paid quarterly, in arrears.   Upon investment you will receive a (Convertible) Promissory Note from MLP that is […]

“Faggart TIC” | 384-391 Faggart Drive, Concord, NC


We have recently begun to organize a portfolio of some of our commercial/industrial properties to be offered as additional TIC equity investments.  At this time, the “Faggart TIC” investment offering is available. The Faggart TIC involves purchasing an equity interest in the industrial property located at 384-391 Faggart Avenue, Concord, NC (the “Asset”).  Equity interests […]

“MCV II TIC” | Moore’s Chapel Village, Charlotte, NC


Morgan Legacy Partners, Inc. (“MLP”) is offering equity interests to qualified investors, as a tenant-in-common, in the Moore’s Chapel Village  (“MCV”) property. In January 2021, we closed on the “MCV I TIC” offering.  Phase I was offered at $45,000 for 1% of equity ownership in the property. We are currently offering a second phase, “MCV […]