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A Closer Look: Mike Cashion

Featuring Mike Cashion

Executive Assistant to the CEO

How long have you been involved with MLP?

Indirectly – Since August 2019; Directly – Since April 2020

What do you do for MLP?

I fly in the background primarily supporting our CEO.

How and why did you become involved with MLP?

As COVID set in, MLP leveled up, saw opportunity in the near future and
became more vigilant in pursuing expansion and growth with the fallout of the
pandemic. With the added complexity, the addition of new assets, expanded offering, the addition of new team members and partners, an opportunity surfaced to work with Peter Morgan directly and I offered to help.

Tell me about your work history and how you got to where you are now.

I have worked in numerous sectors including healthcare, finance, economic development and more. My roles have varied from being very forward facing
working with people, to marketing/communications/outreach and operations.
Borrowing a word from our CEO, Peter Morgan, I have found myself in all of my
roles as well as my current role through serendipity.

What interests you the most about your current role with MLP?

In my current role, I am exposed to a wide variety of people, opportunities and a
wealth of information. Basically, I have the opportunity to expand my knowledge and understanding of real estate investing across different asset classes, demographics, geographies and with people with deep knowledge and expertise at all levels of real estate, finance, sales and business operations.

When you are not working, what can we find you doing?

Exercising in some form, reading, meeting friends, or learning something new.

Tell us a fun, random fact about yourself!

Despite coming across as a quiet and reserved introvert, I led martial arts classes with upwards of 100 students in class, spoke at events, gave keynotes and was interviewed multiple times for articles, radio and television. Much of this before I was legally able to have an alcoholic beverage.

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Krysten Reily

Krysten Reilly

Operations Manager

MFF Status: Morgan Franklin Fellowship Foundation

Business/Organization: Morgan Legacy Partners

About: Krysten Reilly serves as the Operations Manager with Morgan Legacy Partners. Before Krysten embarked in this career, she was working in hospitality management in New England, managing hotel and restaurant operations in Maine and Massachusetts. Krysten started her career in hospitality management first as the Assistant Food & Beverage Manager of a hotel restaurant but then quickly rose through the ranks to become the General Manager of two hotels within the same hotel group’s portfolio. Krysten holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Master of Science from Syracuse University. Krysten lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, where she serves as Morgan Legacy Partner’s Carolinas representative.

Specialties: Hospitality and Operations Management, Events Management, Revenue Management, Runner, Snowboarder, Hiker, Outdoor Enthusiast