The Evolution of Morgan Legacy Partners

Written by: Karen Butz Webb


Morgan Legacy Partners, Inc. began as a company with a team of workers and many advisors. With this simple business model, MLP has experienced amazing success and growth. Success that has been generously shared from the top down in many creative ways. But MLP leaders knew that this model could only take the company so far. Remembering Peter’s ultimate goal – to create a legacy that would last for 200 years – Peter and his team of advisors began to discuss a reorganization of MLP. One that would advance the company by becoming employee based.
This decision was not easy or quick. It was an evolution beginning with strong opinions, extensive research, much pondering and was chock full of lively discussion. Ultimately, MLP’s legacy to continue for 200 years pointed directly toward a reorganization of MLP, one that would complement and support our undeniable growth. All this has led to an evolution and new and improved infrastructure for MLP. The process has taken the company to a different level, one that will continue to unfold as we grow and expand.
As we emerge from this process we easily see that reorganizing our corporate structure not only helps ensure Peter’s mission and legacy, financial independence and community responsibility, encouraged first by our own personal success and then by our commitment to better our communities, but also more deeply embeds this mission into MLP’s evolving culture. As an investor in MLP, you too will benefit from our more strategic and organized structure.

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Krysten Reily

Krysten Reilly

Operations Manager

MFF Status: Morgan Franklin Fellowship Foundation

Business/Organization: Morgan Legacy Partners

About: Krysten Reilly serves as the Operations Manager with Morgan Legacy Partners. Before Krysten embarked in this career, she was working in hospitality management in New England, managing hotel and restaurant operations in Maine and Massachusetts. Krysten started her career in hospitality management first as the Assistant Food & Beverage Manager of a hotel restaurant but then quickly rose through the ranks to become the General Manager of two hotels within the same hotel group’s portfolio. Krysten holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Master of Science from Syracuse University. Krysten lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, where she serves as Morgan Legacy Partner’s Carolinas representative.

Specialties: Hospitality and Operations Management, Events Management, Revenue Management, Runner, Snowboarder, Hiker, Outdoor Enthusiast