A Closer Look: Krysten Reilly

Featuring Krysten Reilly 
Operations Manager for MLP

How long have you been involved with MLP?
Just about a month.

What do you do for MLP?
My first steps working with MLP will be to understand our organization and our process as it has been thus far. Being new to the organization, it’ll take some time for me to understand what we do and how we have operated in the past
so that I can be successful in organizing a formalized process for us for the future. I will be working on many tasks for the organization but a significant amount of my time will be focused on creating smart business processes for the group to help us continue our success with our current holdings as well as prepare us to reach our full growth potential over the next few years. I will also serve as a liaison between our team members in New Hampshire and the Carolinas, while serving on the ground in Charlotte, NC.

How and why did you become involved with MLP?
For the past 7 1⁄2 years I have worked in hospitality management in Maine and Massachusetts, specifically managing restaurant and hotel operations. I met Peter Morgan through my time as a Board Member for the New England Inns
and Resorts Association. When I was looking to relocate to Charlotte, NC I was reconnected with Peter through Beth Steucek (CEO of The New England Inns and Resorts Association and Board Member of the Morgan Legacy
Partners Advisory Board) to understand his needs as MLP grows in the Carolinas. Since then, I have connected with the other team members of MLP to conceptualize my new position and have begun getting to work on learning what MLP has to offer and how I can be of assistance.

Tell me about your work history and how you got to where you are now.
I spent most of my professional career in hospitality management but before then and while in college, I worked in restaurants primarily as a server and a bartender. I loved working in restaurants so I thought I would start beginning to apply for restaurant management positions to see if I could grow my career within hospitality. I ended up landing a job as an Assistant Food & Beverage Manager of a prominent hotel just outside of Portland, Maine and then quickly rose through a few promotions to become the General Manager of two hotels with the same management company. While I loved my time my former employer, I had to move on from my role with them as I was relocating to a new area where they do not have any hotels or restaurants. Serendipitously though, I was reconnected with Peter Morgan and introduced to Morgan Legacy Partners, which led me to where I am now!

What interests you the most about your current role with MLP?
I am excited to learn more about the real estate business, the affordable housing market, and to build my financial and operational management skills. This will be a new adventure for me since most of my work history has been in hospitality management, but I am looking forward to the challenge.

When you are not working, what can we find you doing?
Typically, anything outdoors! I love to run, hike, snowboard, and to do anything else that includes getting outside. I also love exploring and traveling, especially when it involves trying new restaurants and breweries (I’m an avid craft beer lover).

Tell us a fun, random fact about yourself!
In a single year, when I wanted to improve my running skills, I ran my first 5K, followed by my first 10K, followed by my first Half Marathon. Nowadays, I run regularly, and I try to do a few road races a year, although no road races for 2020, unfortunately.

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Krysten Reily

Krysten Reilly

Operations Manager

MFF Status: Morgan Franklin Fellowship Foundation

Business/Organization: Morgan Legacy Partners

About: Krysten Reilly serves as the Operations Manager with Morgan Legacy Partners. Before Krysten embarked in this career, she was working in hospitality management in New England, managing hotel and restaurant operations in Maine and Massachusetts. Krysten started her career in hospitality management first as the Assistant Food & Beverage Manager of a hotel restaurant but then quickly rose through the ranks to become the General Manager of two hotels within the same hotel group’s portfolio. Krysten holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Master of Science from Syracuse University. Krysten lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, where she serves as Morgan Legacy Partner’s Carolinas representative.

Specialties: Hospitality and Operations Management, Events Management, Revenue Management, Runner, Snowboarder, Hiker, Outdoor Enthusiast