Investor Relations FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions


When will my quarterly payments arrive?

Quarterly payments on your investments, together with your Investor Statement, will be postmarked on the following dates: January 15, April 15, July 15, October 15. We do our best to be prompt in mailing your checks but some delays, caused by events outside our control, may undoubtedly occur. Please reach out if you do not receive your package within 5 days of the above scheduled dates.


What tax information will I receive from MLP regarding my investments?

You will receive a Form 1099 Interest Statement. We will send these to you by January 31 of each calendar year.


Who do I contact for information about my investments?

You can always check out the status of current investment projects on our Investor Relations Website. Once it is fully up and running we will send you a personal secure access code. You will use this every time you enter the site. You can also contact Karen Butz Webb, the Investor Relations Director.  Her contact information is:


How do I change my address for purposes of receiving payments?

Please email Karen with any changes to your contact information.


How often will I receive updates on the projects that I am invested in?

You will receive Quarterly Statements with your quarterly payments. You will also receive a semi-annual Investor Newsletter, which will contain project information and other MLP news of note.


How do I access the MLP Investor Relations Website?

Once our Investor Relations Website page is up and running we will send you personal log-in information including your own personal password for access to the site. Only MLP Investors will have access to this site.


Are there other investment options available?

Other potential investment options with MLP will be included in your Newsletter and will also be posted on the Investor Relations Portal. These options will be updated periodically as current investment options change or new options become available.


Can I put my investment in my trust?

You can hold title to your MLP investments in any manner you wish. If you are opening a new investment account, you should list your account holder title information at the time of initial investment. If you are changing the title to a current investment, please email Karen with explicit information regarding the new title in which you wish to place your investment account(s).


Can I authorize someone else to get information on my investments?

If you wish to grant another person access to your MLP Accounts or access to your Account information, please email Karen with this request. We will ask you to complete a form authorizing someone else to access to your account.


What does being a “sophisticated” or “accredited” investor mean?

The Securities and Exchange Commission regulates the issuance of securities. These regulations often require compliance with lengthy and complicated rules. Some securities considered exempt by the SEC avoid those compliance issues, provided that the investors are “qualified” to participate.   Examples of exempt securities include those filed under Regulation D of the SEC (see below). In those cases, companies are relieved from the onerous SEC requirements but are limited to offering the security to potential investors who are “accredited” or “sophisticated” since, by definition, an exempt security is considered a higher risk one.

“Accredited” is a term specifically defined by the SEC. An accredited investor is someone who is deemed to have sufficient income, net worth, asset size or professional experience in investing, indicating that they can bear the risk of an unregistered investment. Typical requirements to be “accredited” are:

  • Annual income exceeding $200,000 in each of the two most recent years.
  • A net worth exceeding $1,000,000.
  • Being an investment professional or an investment advisor themselves.
  • Being part of an entity that meets the above requirements.


A “sophisticated” investor, less defined, is generally someone who has a high net worth and substantial experience in making investments of high risk. “Accredited” and “sophisticated” are terms that are often used interchangeably. From the perspective of a company offering an investment that is exempt and, accordingly, considered higher risk, it is wise to require investors to submit financial statements and other documents that evidence their status as a qualified accredited investor.


What is “Regulation D” of the Securities and Exchange Commission?

As referenced above, Regulation D is a section of the Securities Exchange Act that permits certain investments to be offered without being registered with the SEC. Instead the filing is “Notice of Sale of Securities.”

Reg D includes private placement offerings, like the debt instruments MLP offers. This permits companies like MLP to raise limited funds through these investments without registering as a security. Since these are exempt, Reg D requires that all but 35 investors be “accredited.” Those who are not considered accredited must be “sophisticated.” In this case “sophisticated” means: “having sufficient knowledge and experience in financial and business matters to be capable of evaluating the merits and risks of the prospective investment.”

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